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Non-Resident Registration

Acceptance and Placement of Non-Resident Students is contingent upon the following criteria:

  • The Sending Education Authority must have accounts in good standing with Brandon School Division.
  • Date upon which registration is received (i.e., those applications received by the second week in June deadline will have priority provided that all other criteria have been met). 
  • Students must submit a completed Non-Resident Application form with a current transcript of credits achieved and/or a copy of the most recent report card. Students must complete school registration forms for their school of first choice and school of second choice.
    Please note: The Grade 9 Registration form is a Divisional form which is used for all three high schools. Registration forms for students in Grade 10-12 are school specific.
  • Space available in school and courses requested.

All applications are to be sent to: 

Brandon School Division, Office of the Superintendent
1031-6th Street, Brandon, MB R7A 4K5
Tel: 204-729-3100  Fax: 204-729-0311 or 204-727-2217

Note: Applications must include a completed Non-Resident Application, current transcript of marks and/or most recent report card, and completed registration forms for requested schools.

  • The deadline for applications is the second week in June. 
  • Late applications must be received no later than the third week in August for review in the first week of September. Course availability may be limited by this time.
  • Students whose applications are received by the second week in June will be notified as to placement by the end of June.
  • Students requesting programming for Semester 2 must register by the end of December. Acceptance is contingent upon course availability. Please note that Grade 9 English is non-semestered in our schools and therefore unavailable to new registrants in the second semester.

Please see current documents below for specific dates.

Non Resident - Application for Admission
General Registration (Kindergarten to Grade 8)
Secondary Registration (Grade 9-12) 

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