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Work Placements

Work Placement Defined

  • Work Placement is one of several delivery mechanisms that may be used to achieve the teaching/learning goals, objectives, and/or outcomes stated in department developed, registered or approved curricula/courses.
  • Work Placement is neither a program nor a course.  Work placements should be used in conjunction with other delivery mechanisms such as direct instruction, computer guided learning, or small group work to provide learning experiences that support students in progressing and achieving relative to curricula/course goals, objectives and/or outcomes. A Work Placement is a community based activity that gives students the opportunity to connect with local businesses and organizations.

Who Participates? 

  • Students participating are typically high school (Gr. 9 - Gr. 12) students from Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School, Ecole secondaire Neelin High School and Vincent Massey High School.
  • Work Placement is recommended for all students but a student must be 16 years old to register for the High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP).


  • Career Exploration ( Career Development, Family and Community)
  • Work Experience ( Lifeskills, Community Transition)
  • Technical-Vocational Practicums (Automotive Technology, Design Drafting etc.)
  • Volunteerism ( Community Service)
  • Apprenticeship Training, (High School Apprenticeship Program)
  • One Day Job Shadows (Take Our Kids to Work Day)
  • The timelines for each work placement will vary depending on the specific objectives and/or outcomes of the course


Brandon School Division students and staff continue to enjoy a wealth of support for our community work placements. On an annual basis more than 175 local businesses and organizations host students for their work placements.

If you are interested in hosting a student or would just like further information, please contact your school.

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