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School Hours

School opening and closing times vary from school to school. This can be due to bussing times or other school circumstances. School doors open half an hour prior to the first bell and close half an hour after the dismissal bell rings in order that students can contact an adult in case of emergency. The Brandon School Division does not provide before school supervision, with the exception of organized programs. Under normal circumstances, students are asked to enter and exit within about five minutes of their bell time.
Schools also run a number of co-curricular activities that take place outside the regular school day.
Safety and Security:  Primary Access is a procedure that requires all visitors, parents, students, and staff to enter the school through the main entrance during the day while classes are in session. This allows school staff to be aware of who is in the school at all times and to prevent unauthorized entry to the school. Primary Access may be initiated by the Principal in response to a specific event or as a planned preventative measure to enhance safety. Therefore, this safety procedure may be in effect at all times in some schools, or may be initiated during incidents that involve a threat directed to an individual student/staff member; a group of individuals; the general school population; or the school building.
For individual school hours, please visit the school web site:  BSD Schools.

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