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Governance Goals

At the Regular Meeting of the Brandon School Division Board of Trustees held September 10, 2018, the following motion was approved:

That the Board of Trustees Governance Goals be updated and accepted as follows: 

Education and Community Relations:
1.  Monitoring of Continuous Improvement Plan Report. 
2.  Building Relationships with existing and new stakeholder groups and with government. 

Finance and Facilities:
1.  Implement a multi-year budget strategy to plan for future sustainability and attempt to limit the school property tax impact on a typical home to the sum of inflationary pressures plus enrollment growth. Ability to achieve this goal is dependent upon provincial guidelines and funding support.

2.  Continue to explore and develop the use of new and existing learning spaces in Brandon School Division to support current and future programming, with an emphasis on safety, security and access.

3.  To lobby the province for increased Tier II and Tier III support given the large and increasing needs of the student population in Brandon School Division.



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