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Career Development Resources

For information regarding career preparation please check out the following resources: 

  • A Career Development Resource for Parents (Manitoba Education)
    • This guide will help parents explore the role of coach and ally as they help their adolescent children decide on their future careers. Building on research that shows parents are the most important influence on their children, the guide provides suggestions on career planning, how to talk to teens about career choices and how to find an ally who can help prepare young people for entry into the workforce.

  • Xello Future Readiness - Helping Students Create Professional Resumes
    • With built-in guidance and tips, Xello’s resume-builder helps middle and high school students of all abilities create a stand-out resume. 

  • Why Parental Involvement in Children’s Education Leads to Student Success | Xello
    • Parents have unique information about their children that could take a teacher an entire school year to uncover. They know what their kids have struggled with, the challenges they’ve overcome, and the triggers that could unleash specific behaviors or sensitivities. The information parents have can help teachers reach their students in more effective ways.
    • Career Trek supports young people in Manitoba. We partner with schools, post-secondary institutions, and local communities to deliver career education. This assures that participants get real-world, hands-on learning and experience.

Contact Information: 
Graciela De Tobar, Divisional Career Technician 
Phone: 204-729-3234 | Email:

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