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Brandon School Division's Administration Office is located in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. The Division services the city of Brandon, the town of Alexander, Canadian Forces Base Shilo and surrounding areas.

There are 24 schools in the Brandon School Division, 21 of which are located within the City of Brandon. The Brandon School Division boundary extends beyond the boundaries of the City of Brandon and includes parts of the municipalities of Cornwallis, Riverdale, Elton, Oakland-Wawanesa, North Cypress-Langford, Glenboro-South Cypress and Whitehead as well as Canadian Forces Base Shilo. Students who live outside the City limits and are 1.6 kilometers or more from their schools are provided with school bus transportation. Transportation service is also provided within the City limits to students who take French Immersion, who are handicapped, physically disabled or otherwise qualify due to distance walked.

Schools vary in grade and structures and although not physically structured in this manner, all schools in Brandon follow the Early (K-4), Middle (5-8) and Senior Years (9-12) philosophy.

The Brandon School Division operates a neighbourhood school concept whereby students in elementary school attend the school according to their catchment area. At the middle years level, school catchment areas have been established to ensure reasonable class sizes while protecting the right of students to attend schools built to serve their neighbourhoods. The high schools operate on an open boundaries concept and you can check with the Division Office for course and space availability at the Division high schools. If a student wants a special program, i.e. vocational or French Immersion, catchment areas do not apply and they will enroll in the appropriate school.

To identify your catchment area, you may stop by your nearest elementary school during regular business hours, or phone the school division Transportation Office at 204-729-3975. You will need to have your street or section, township and range address for this process.

In Manitoba “School of Choice” legislation also exists whereby you are able to apply to have your children attend a school outside your designated catchment area.




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