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Basic French & French Immersion

What is Basic French?

Basic French is a course for Manitoba students that begins in Grade 4 and continues through Grade 12. Students receive French-language instruction daily for approximately 40 minutes. Basic French is sometimes known as Core French.

What are the goals of Basic French?

Students in the program will develop basic communication skills and will acquire an understanding and appreciation of francophone cultures.   

Where is Basic French available within Brandon School Division?French.JPG

All schools in Brandon offer Basic French, beginning at Grade 4.

How is the program organized?

The focus of the course is learning to communicate in French. Each unit is organized around a theme and the presentation of a project. Francophone cultures and language-learning strategies are other important dimensions of each unit.

Where can I find out more?

Click here to view our Brochure - French Education in Brandon School Division

What is French Immersion?

“The French Immersion program in Manitoba is designed for students who possess little or no knowledge of the French language…but who wish to become functionally bilingual with French as a second language.” Manitoba Education and Youth

What are the goals of French Immersion?

French immersion graduates will be able to communicate personally and professionally in French and have a knowledge and appreciation of francophone cultures.

Where is French Immersion available within Brandon School Division?

In this division, there are three dual-track schools that offer French Immersion: École O'Kelly (K-4), École New Era (K-8) and École secondaire Neelin (Grades 9-12). The dual track French immersion schools have an English Program and a French Immersion Program headed by a single administration. Some members of the administrative and support staff, as well as the teaching assistants and specialists for the French Immersion Program, are fluent in French and English and ensure that services are administered in French. Creating a French environment in a dual track setting is of great importance and requires active support and fostering of the use of French inside and outside the classroom.

Kindergarten to Grade 8 Single Track French Immersion is offered at École Harrison. The single track French immersion school is located in a building of its own where a French environment is fostered. This environment results in the use of French as the language of administration and internal communication, as well as the language of communication between teachers and students. The entire staff is fluent in French and English, thus assuring that all support services are offered in French. The immersion school provides students with the opportunity to live in French outside the classroom, a factor that favours the acquisition of a high degree of proficiency in French.

How is the program organized?

Students in French immersion begin in kindergarten. Through songs, games and storytelling, the teacher is able to communicate with the students in French. As they move through early and middle years, students receive 20%-25% of their instruction in English through Language Arts. Other subjects such as math and social studies are taught in the French language. Graduates of the program receive a Provincial French Immersion Diploma.

Where can I find out more?

Contact one of the French Immersion schools in Brandon School Division:

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