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CP Mother’s Day Puzzle Competition

A pile of puzzle pieces

Our CPRSS Management Class recently hosted a Puzzle Competition for residents of Brandon and area. The reason for them hosting this competition was to apply the management outcomes in a practical way. While this can be challenging as an educational group, the students went to work to make this happen. The class divided themselves into different types of managers. They gained experience with marketing, information technology, finance, human relations, and operations. The competition was hosted in the cafeteria. Food and drinks were prepared by the culinary classes and sold at the event by the students. 

There were over 70 people who attended the competition ranging in all ages. They had two hours to complete a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle. There were teams of two and teams of four. The puzzle proved challenging for everyone. Only one team was able to complete the puzzle. To determine the other winners, the number of left over puzzle pieces were counted. 

The Management Students approached businesses to sponsor the competition. Puzzles were donated by Toy Masters of Brandon, Puzzle Company, and Cobble Hill Puzzles. All participants were able to keep their puzzles at the end of the competition. There were great prizes secured by the students. Students found support at the local businesses in Brandon for their endeavor, including Toy Masters of Brandon, Chez Angela Bakery & Café, Little Italy Pizzeria, T-Birds, Keywest Photo and Eastside Eatery. 

Teams of Two: The winners of 1st place were Kim May and Elizabeth Vidler. Winners of 2nd place Veronica Robinson and Jamie-Lynn Dyck. Winners of 3rd place were Christine and Hailey Curtis. 

Teams of Four: 1st place went to the Maiti Family and 2nd place went to the Fulford Family. 

To finish off the competition, the students prepared a trivia of puzzles and handed out some extra prizes. Click play on the video below! 


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