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FAQ for Parents

Take Our Kids to Work day is a national event that the Brandon School Division has participated in for the last 20 years. You've likely heard about it, read about it, or even seen it happen. With the proper planning and preparation, it's a great day and those who have participated in the past agree that it's a very rewarding and educational experience for students, parents and employers.

Who makes the necessary arrangements for my child?
You do. Last year over 600 Grade 9's participated so we depend on families to make their own arrangements and ones that will work best for your individual situation.

What if I cannot take my child to my workplace?
Although the majority of students do job shadow their parents, there are situations when that isn't possible. We ask that you make alternate arrangements by speaking to relatives, friends or co-workers. Some students job shadow their friends' parents, a former teacher, coach, hairstylist etc. This, of course, also depends on their interests and occupational goals.


What can I do if all my attempts fail and I just can't find someone for my child to job shadow? 
First, I would advise you to start making your plans EARLY. The families who delay in making their arrangements are often the ones who run into problems closer to the deadline. In any event, please contact the school ASAP and we can suggest a "volunteer host" in the community - depending again on your child's interests, e.g. Trades, Health, Science, Technology, Business, etc.

Does my child come to school at all on TOKTWD?
No, your child will go directly to their arranged workplace and job shadow their parent or host. 

Are the job shadow hours the same as school hours?
Not usually, as hours will vary depending on the job site. Students will "work" basically the same hours as their parent or host. In past years, students started work as early as 4:00 a.m. in the case of a student job shadowing a parent whose occupation was Baker. Others may work an evening or night shift at the hospital. This in itself is an eye opening experience!

Is there much paperwork involved?
No, just this newsletter and the Parent Guide pamphlet which includes the consent form. The Parent Guide will be sent home with your child early  October. Please watch for it, complete the CONSENT FORM and return to your child's English Teacher in order for your child to participate. Your child will be expected to be in school on TOKTWD if we have not received his/her consent by the divisional deadline. This is due to workers compensation coverage. 

If TOKTWD isn't going to work for our family, can my child participate on a different day?
No, because Workers Compensation coverage is provided by Manitoba Education for November 5th only and we must have all students registered for this coverage by the deadline. 

Is there more to this event than the one-day job shadow?
Absolutely! Take Our Kids To Work day in the Brandon School Division is an initiative that is part of your child's English course. The Grade 9's will be doing assignments and activities related to employability and essential skills, world of work and careers in the days leading up to the day. Workplace Health and Safety is also an important topic and all students will be participating in a presentation delivered by the Safe Workers of Tomorrow organization. As well, there will be post-day sharing and activities following their job shadow day so being in class the next day is equally important.

Over 150 businesses and organizations hosted approximately 600 BSD Grade 9 students in 13 Manitoba communities for this one day event.

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