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Check back regularly for updated information! 

Grad Convocation Fees: If you are attending convocation and haven’t paid your $40 grad convocation fee you can do so with cash or cheque in the office. 

Grad Gowns can be picked up in the main office. If you have overdue library books from last semester you will not be able to pick up your grad gown until you return your books. 


Locker Cleanup: It’s time to clean out your locker! Students need to take all of their belongings home, throw out any garbage, and return all books to classes OR the library. Leave the school lock on the locker and remove your own lock if you used one. 


Laptops: If you have borrowed a school laptop, please return it to the Career Centre on Tuesday June 21st or Wednesday June 22nd during regular school hours. Make sure you also return the charger and have a staff member sign off your name. These are for the black Lenovo Thinkpad laptops. 

Congratulations to Jacob Doerksen and Ashlyn Wetter on being chosen for the Source for Sport Vincent Massey Male and Female athlete of the year. Also, congratulations to Jason Jones and the Track and Field Program for the Team of the Year.

Congratulations to the new cast of “Disney Descendants the Musical” which will be performed November 3, 4, and 5, 2022. Our first cast get-together, costume fitting, scheduling, and readthrough will be on Thursday, June 23rd at 4:00pm in the theatre. The cast list in now posted outside the theatre.

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