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e-Cigarettes and Vaping a message from the Minister of Education

Dear Parents/Guardians and Families,

As I am sure that you have noticed, the use and popularity of e-cigarettes and "vaping" has been increasing in Manitoba. These trends come after years of decreasing smoking rates across the province, particularly among youth.

This trend is concerning as the use of e-cigarettes is not without risk, with evidence emerging around addiction potential and harmful chemicals contained in the vaping liquid. Therefore, as a province, we want to ensure we are being proactive and that tobacco use is not simply being replaced by e-cigarettes.

My office has provided a reminder to all schools that the use of e-cigarettes (as with conventional cigarettes) in any enclosed public space, including schools, is prohibited under The Smoking and Vapour Products Control Act. This prohibition is important to ensure that smoking, be it tobacco or e-cigarettes, is not normalized or thought of as a risk-free activity.

As e-cigarettes are a relatively new technology, we want to ensure that parents are also able to access clear and balanced information to be able to talk to their children. We know that nobody is more influential on a young person's decisions than their parents and would therefore like to encourage you to explore the resources available from

Health Canada -

Please take the time to examine this information and to share it with others.

Best wishes for a successful and enjoyable school year.

Kelvin Goertzen


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