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School Patrols

Patrol Times


With students being asked to not be at school much before 8:50 and 12:45,  our Safety Patrol times are changing slightly.  

Please note that Patrols will be on duty at 8:40 in the morning and 12:35 at lunch effective immediately.  

This is a change from the previous times of 8:30 & 12:30.

When the colder temperatures come: 

Patrols should be checking the temperature each morning.  If the temperature is -27 degrees Celsius or colder patrols are not on duty.  

All parents and students need to be aware that on these days there is no assistance provided for students when crossing 26th street.  Please make sure your child knows how to cross the street safely.  

Please make sure they know that vehicles may have trouble stopping on icy roads, and they should only cross when they see all approaching vehicles have come to a complete stop.

 Inclement weather:
Patrols have rain coats provided through Manitoba Public Insurance.  Patrols do not go out when there is a threat of thunder or lightning.


 Making sure the students can cross 26th street safely is always a concern. The patrols take their jobs very seriously. Please help them to keep all the students safe, including themselves.

When dropping off your child(ren) please be sure not to bring your vehicle to a stop in or near the crosswalk (obey signage). 

Doing so puts all the children at risk, and you may be fined.  The Brandon Police Service does assist us periodically to ensure that this does not happen. 

If you have a question concerning our patrols please contact:

Lisa Hall:

Marty Jordan:













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