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To and From School

no stopping.jpgParents/Guardians, please DO NOT park / stop at the entrance of private driveways when you drop off your children.   If you're driving your child to school, please be sure to avoid the “NO STOPPING” areas in the front of the school as well as the BUS LOADING ZONE on 25th Street.  

We also ask that you NOT use the parking lot as a drop off/pick up /turn around area. Our fear is that congestion in the parking lot could lead to a student being injured by a car. Signage in the parking lot reminds us that it is NOT a drop off area.

A final request is that parents not park in the staff parking lot. Unfortunately, there are no extra spots in the lot and it's difficult to accommodate all staff. If you're coming to the school, we ask that you park on 25th or 26th Street in areas other than “No Parking” or 'Bus Loading” zones.  

By -Law Enforcement and Brandon City Police Officers will be exercising zero tolerance again in the interest of student safety. There are stiff fines in accordance with the Highway Traffic Act put in place for pedestrian safety. 

If your child rides their bike to school please remind them to wear their helmet.  Learn about bike safety at

Please, help us keep your children safe!


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