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Allergy / Scent Awareness

Be Allergy Aware

Reminder to all families that we are a Peanut/Nut Product Aware school! Please do your part to keep all our children safe. We have provided further information for your convenience:

Children with Known Risk of Anaphylaxis Life Threatening Allergies


Wondering if you can bring coconut to school?  Well, you can!
Coconut is considered a fruit. Fresh coconut and coconut milk are fine to bring to school. However, if it is processed coconut please be sure to read the packaging as there could be cross contamination with nuts.

Read more about coconut & tree nuts.

Tree Nuts


Please refrain from wearing perfumes, colognes, and other heavily scented products (E.g. hairsprays, deodorant sprays, fabric softener/detergent).

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