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Extracurricular Opportunities

The Grade 8 Jazz Band

The grade 8 jazz bands are open to all students in both the East and West Side band programs. This ensemble is designed to introduce a new style of music to students that is different than what we normally play during class.  No matter what instrument you play in band class, you can join the jazz band, as well as if you play the piano, bass, drums, or guitar. Rehearsals are once a week, and times are decided after the initial meeting, based on what works best for the group. This ensemble is co-directed by Ms. Friesen (East and West Side Director) and Mr. Cramer (West Side Director). 

  • The Jazz Band Info/Try-out Night will be on Monday, October 16th. See Ms. Dodds for exact times and location. 


The Grade 8/9 Wind Ensemble

This ensemble will consist of selected grade 8 students who have shown dedication and commitment to the band program throughout grade 7 and is designed to challenge their musicianship at a higher level and in a smaller group setting. They will be joined by grade 9 students from the CPN and Vincent Massey band program as well. The Wind Ensemble will be co-directed by Ms. Dodds (Director - East Side Bands) and Mr. Cramer (Director - West Side Bands). There will be approximately 20 - 25 students selected from each band program to take part in this ensemble. They rehearse for an hour and a half every Wednesday evening at Earl Oxford School.

Invitations for this ensemble are sent home with students’ final report card in June. 

2024 Westman Junior Honour Band

The Westman Band Directors Association is pleased to once again offer the students of the Westman Region the opportunity to participate in the 2024 Junior Honour Band and the 2024 Senior Honour Band hosted by the Brandon University School of Music.  Students will rehearse as a band and participate in sectionals throughout the day on Friday and Saturday morning and then perform a concert at the WMCA Saturday afternoon.

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