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Collective Commitments 

  • We commit to be collaborative teachers who develop lessons and common assessments based on evidence of student learning. 
  • We commit to fostering positive relationships within our school community. 
  • We commit to use evidence to achieve further academic, behavioral, and social/emotional goals. 
  • We commit to adjusting our practices and professional development to address the needs of our learners. 


    Our Reality 1 - Our CTT's meet once per cycle, but we have not fully implemented the teaching and assessing cycle.  

    Goal 1 – By June 2020, Earl Oxford's Collective Teacher Teams will have completed one teaching and assessing cycle. 

    Our Reality 2 – Currently our Average Daily Attendance is 89% and 47% of our students are considered chronically absent. 

    Goal 2  
  • By June 2020, Earl Oxford will have implemented a plan to address absenteeism and will have improved the ADA to 92% and 40% of our students will be considered chronically absent. 
  • By June 2021, Earl Oxford's students will have an ADA of 98% and 5% of our students will be considered chronically absent thanks to tier 1 strategies, and tier 2 and 3 interventions. 


Revision – March 2020


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