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Brandon Catholic School Board (BCSB)

The Brandon Catholic School Board (BCSB) consists of a goup of parishioners of St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church who oversee the budget and capital improvements of the school, religious education and activities, Before and After School Program and serve as a liaision with St. Augustine Church.

The BCSB is advised by the parish priests, church finance manager and the school principal. 

Brandon Catholic School Board Members 2023-2024

Mr. Jared Fouillard - Chairperson
Mrs. Aleks Onita - Treasurer
Mr. Jordan Trotter - Secretary
Mrs. Janelle Wilts - Board Member
Mrs. Linda Chiupka - Board Member

St. Augustine Parish Representatives 204-727-4728

Fr. John Okosun - Parish Priest
Fr. Oliver Omega - Parochial Vicar

Brandon School Division Representative - St. Augustine School

Mr. Chris Czarnecki



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