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St. Augustine School has a strong foundation built on four key elements:StAugustineLogoSmall.jpg

  1. our faith in God - as a Catholic School our mission is to help the children grow in their faith.
  2. community - building the spirit of the school in partnership between home and school.
  3. commitment to academic achievement - encouraging each child to work to their potential and show consistent effort.
  4. respect - we emphasize to the children to show respect for God, for others and for themselves - living out the Golden Rule.

We are very fortunate to have the strong support of our parish and of the families in our school community. The connection between home and school is critical to providing for the total development of the children. Our foundation of faith helps to guide us in our decisions, and as we move forward each year we add new elements to enrich our religious education programming. We look forward to the coming year as we share in the journey of faith formation and of learning with our students.

Mr. Chris Czarnecki, Principal 

Mission Statement

St. Augustine seeks to provide a safe educational environment for all students which will allow growth academically, physically, socially emotionally and spiritually. A school environment is created in which a belief in God's teachings are integrated into the school program and stressed as a way of life. 

Learning Beliefs

The learning beliefs of St. Augustine School are reflected in the following statements:

  • Fostering a Christian attitude
  • Creating a Catholic School atmosphere
  • Promoting respect for others
  • Focusing on child-centered education and commitment to changing lives 
  • Preparing students to engage productively in a democratic society


Mission Statement of Manitoba Catholic Schools

Called to assist in the Church's mission of education, we, the Catholic Schools of Manitoba:

  • Uphold Christ, Incarnate Son of God, as both model and means of fullest human development. Our schools direct all efforts towards the integral formation of the human person.
  • Recognize that the prime and irreplaceable responsibility for the education of the child rests with the family. Our schools complement the efforts of the family towards the Christian education of the child.
  • Believe that Christian Community flows from Baptism, is a reality to be lived, and must be experienced to be learned. Our schools provide an opportunity where the child can participate in a genuine community of faith, where each person can grow in commitment to build community in family, church, and world.
  • Recognize the uniqueness of each child as gifted by God. Our schools promote the formation of responsible individuals, committed to serve others in the spirit of the Gospel.
  • Value knowledge as truth to be discovered. Our schools promote the attainment of knowledge, enriched and enlightened by faith.
  • To give expressions to these beliefs, we:
  • Encourage close, active co-operation between family and school, and foster the integration of the school community into the life of the Parish, Diocese, and Universal Church.
  • Employ qualified, competent staff, who actively support the aims of Catholic education in their lives and teaching, and support them by providing opportunities for religious and professional development.
  • Provide a well-coordinated religious education program that includes doctrinal content, liturgical celebrations, and varied religious experiences to help students discover and express their identity and mission.
  • Develop programs following the curriculum guidelines approved by Manitoba Education. Extracurricular experiences are designed to encourage personal and social growth.
  • Provide, for our students, the physical and material resources needed.
  • We, the Catholic Schools of Manitoba are schools in which the Catholic faith permeates each and every aspect of the life of the school. The excellent and harmonious functioning of our schools depends on the co-operative efforts of Bishops, Pastors, Trustees, Parents, Religious, Staff, and Students. The responsibility for Catholic Schools in shared by the entire Catholic Community.

St. Augustine's Return to School Plan

Attendance:  If your child/children will be absent please call the school at 204-729-3285 or e-mail :

Religious Education Fees 

Religious Education Fees 2019-2020 (003).pdf

Want to Volunteer?

St. Augustine School students and staff welcome your help on field trips, in the library, and in the classroom. If you are interested in volunteering at St. Augustine School, you will need to complete a Child Abuse Registry Check and a Criminal Record Check. Please view the Volunteer Brochure below for step-by-step details.

Click here for Volunteer Brochure

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