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Parent Council meetings are open to all parents and or guardians of the students attending Meadows School. Meetings take place approximately 8 times a year and are about 1 hour in length.

Who Belongs to Parent Council?

All parents and/or guardians of the students attending Meadows School are members of the Parent Council.  In addition, elections are held at the October meeting every year for the Executive Positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. There are also various Committees that require volunteers to keep them going such as Staff Appreciation, Fun Lunch and Fundraising Committees.

Why should I come out to the Parent Council Meetings?

Parent Council cannot function without the volunteer support of parents. There are many ways to be involved and enhance our children's education. By attending the meetings, you will be able to stay informed as to what is happening at Meadows School, find out about volunteer opportunities and have the opportunity to meet the parents of other students at Meadows.

What does Parent Council do?

Acts as a general liaison between parents/guardians of the School and the staff and administrators of Meadows. It also acts as a resource organization to the school, filling those needs not already covered by the school governing bodies. Parents are informed of the various functions and activities offered at the school. We raise funds, where required, to finance the activities and programs offered and to assist with the purchases of materials required to further the education of the students in any area in which funds may not be available from other sources.

MEADOWS SCHOOL PARENT COUNCIL EXECUTIVE ****TBA at first parent council meeting in September 2022*****


Vice-President - 

Secretary - 

Treasurer - 

Fundraising - 

THE MANITOBA ASSOCIATION OF PARENT COUNCILS (MAPC) is a provincial organization designed to support and promote parent involvement within school communities by providing schools with valuable support, skills, and resources.  Please visit the MAPC website for additional information:  Manitoba Association of Parent Councils (

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