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Mandate:  To ensure that our student citizens have the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to be self-directed learners.

Use Your Wits:  

W - Walk Away
I - Ignore
T - Talk it Out
S - See Help

Learning Beliefs

  • We must strive for high achievement, engaged learning time, focused teaching and a positive, safe environment where all involved feel a strong sense of belonging.
  • Learning should be an adventure and will involve hard work.
  • There must be fairness to access of programs for everyone.
  • We will recognize and respect culture, heritage and individual differences.
  • School should be a place where all can succeed, set attainable goals and develop a wholesome yet realistic self-concept.
  • Change is a constant in our society, therefore, flexibility, creativity and innovation in thinking and problem solving is required to adapt and succeed in our changing world.
  • School is an extension of the home.
  • It takes a whole community to raise a child
  • Parents and teachers are partners who will collaborate to provide opportunities for our students to:
    • Be a clear and effective communicator  
    • Be a self-directed and life-long learner  
    • Be a creative and practical problem solver  
    • Be a responsible and involved citizen  
    • Be a collaborative and quality worker  
    • Be integrated and informed thinkers

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