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Aboriginal Education

A major focus of our school is to see that every learner with aboriginal heritage achieves success. To assist us in this goal, we have the hard work of our Aboriginal Education Team as well as a committed staff that includes an increasing number of members with aboriginal background.

The purpose of this webpage is to outline for you the programs/ initiatives we have in place to address the needs of our students.


Teaching and Integrating Aboriginal Perspectives

The focus is:
- continued work on the Seven Teachings
- development of aboriginal teaching resources and kits
- special events such as gallery walks in partnership with BU
- National Aboriginal Veteran's Day service
- Isnati Coming of Age gathering
- Kunshi puppets
- Coffee clubs with parents
- Work towards Kindergarten Immersion Program in an aboriginal language
- Continued work on understanding issues of attachment as they relate to our aboriginal people.
Contact Information
For more information or to become involved with Indigenous education at New Era School, please contact: 
Marina Richard

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