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Concert Band / Wind Ensemble & Jazz Band

Concert Band

The band program consists of wind, percussion, or string bass studies. The program is based on the study of a widely varied repertoire with a perspective of music history and an emphasis on individual performance ability. A theory-aural section is focused on the development of personal musicianship. Workshops, concerts, tours, exchanges, and festivals are an intrinsic part of the band program and group performances is emphasized. 

Wind Ensemble / Advanced Ensemble

The band elective is the Wind Ensemble and is for students who wish a more challenging ensemble than regular band offers.  Do not be fooled by the term Wind Ensemble as it is just a fancy name for a smaller, more select band and it does include percussion and string as well as all the regular band instruments.  It is for students from grades 10—12 who are capable of meeting the challenge.  The emphasis is on performing repertoire that is challenging and musically advanced.  

Jazz Band

Jazz band is offered to students who are interested in learning to perform in the jazz idiom. Many different styles of jazz music will be explored, including swing, rock, funk, ballad, and Latin.  No previous experience is necessary.  Jazz is open to all interested individuals on traditional jazz band instruments and by special permission to those playing non-traditional jazz band instruments such as clarinet, flute, French horn, baritone, etc.  As part of the class, there will be many performances both in Brandon and at various festivals to which the group will travel. Participation is an essential  component of this course.

Contact Information:
Anna Penno                                                                                           

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