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Canadian Parents for French

Canadian Parents for French (
CPF) is a nation-wide volunteer group that promotes opportunities for Canadian children to learn and use French, and provides a communication network for parents.

 CPF provides many opportunities for students to enhance their French language learning.  CPF is the only non-profit, parent driven organization in Canada that works to diligently support Canadian youth in French language acquisition. 

Canadian Parents for French continues to be a strong presence in your community, and when you become a CPF member you will be warmly welcomed and will thoroughly enjoy participating in CPF activities and events and supporting your school programs.

CPF allows one or two adults per family as voting members.
¨  New Membership          ¨  Renewal: Membership #:  ______________         ¨  Change of Address
Family Name:
First Member's Given Name:
Second Member's Given Name:
Postal Code:
Home Phone:
Work Phone:
Local CPF Chapter:
Occasionally, the CPF membership list may be made available to other groups/agencies to offer members special benefits or education-related information.  Use of the list will be carefully regulated and only permitted under a contract specifying confidentiality and one-time authorization.  I understand that personal information collected on this form is for the purpose of forwarding various newsletters and other mailings related to FSL matters as well as fundraising materials.  If you do not wish to receive mailings other than directly from CPF, please check this box: ¨
3 year - $60.00
$ ____________
65% of your membership fee supports the activities of your local Chapter, 25% supports CPF-s work at the Branch Level and 10% goes to CPF National to partially cover processing costs.
1 year - $25.00
$ ____________
$ ____________
Total (No GST)
$ ____________
DONATIONS:  Your gift in support of CPF is welcomed and appreciated.  All donations are important to us.  However, due to cost, we will issue tax receipts in January of the following year only to donors who have made donations of more than $10, unless a receipt for a lesser amount is specifically requested.
THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT! (CPF Charitable Registration Number 11883 5131 RR0001)
For payment by:           ¨  VISA                            ¨  MasterCard                   ¨ Cheque Enclosed
Name on card:  _________________________________________________________
Card Number:   _________________________________________________________    Expiry:  _____/_____
Signature:      ____________________________________________________
Please send me my complimentary copy of:
¨  So You Want Your Child to Learn French or
¨  More French s'il vous plait


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