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École Harrison library is excited to offer take home book bags

Take home book bags

Dear Parents and Guardians,

École Harrison library is excited to offer take home book bags with a stuffed animal to help promote the love of literacy with your child. We are slowly making additional book bags as we acquire more stuffed animals and books that go along with them. Your child may be able to take other animals home before the end of the year.

While your child has the stuffed animal and book at home, he or she can take it on an adventure! The adventure could be anything such as going to the skating rink, grocery shopping, ballet class, a restaurant, or wherever your family might be going. Then your child will write about the experiences in the notebook provided. 

Please direct your child to write a story, a few sentences or picture of their adventures together on one page only. If you wish to include photographs of the adventures, please feel free! (Please note that the adventure notebook will passed to other students and your child’s adventure story will be viewed by other families.) 

Also, please encourage your child to be responsible for all the contents. *Please avoid having the stuffed animal near bedding and please keep it away from pets, if possible! The book bag will be returned to Mme Watkins in the library and it will be thoroughly cleaned before sending to the next student.

 Thank you in advance for your help with this special project! 

 Happy reading and writing; let the adventures begin!

Mme Watkins

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