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Vincent Massey YR Team Lends A Helping Hand During COVID-19

May 6, 2020​

Vincent Massey's Youth Revolution program helps individuals globally, with a focus in our community. During this time of uncertainty, food banks have had extra stress put on them. Thinking about how the food banks in Brandon are holding up during the pandemic gave Vincent Massey Youth Revolution member Kenzie Albert an idea. She reached out to the coordinator of The Helping Hands Soup Kitchen in Brandon, who expressed to her the need for food and sanitary items. In the past, Vincent Massey's YR team would have set up a group fundraiser. However, like everyone, the group is practising safe distancing and recommendations by the World Health Organization. Instead, the YR team is encouraging families who might have extra resources to spare, to donate toward food banks. Helping Hands Soup Kitchen is in dire need of items including, homemade masks or hand sanitizer, disposable containers, paper bags or freezer bags, and all food items, especially items such as sandwich meat, rice, salads or greens, cans of soup, and pasta.

The YR team also understands that some families might not feel comfortable dropping off items, so you can also make donations through and search a charity of your choice. Sunrise Credit Union is also collecting money for food banks, or you could make a donation to The Helping Hands Soup Kitchen. By sending a cheque directly to them, (111 7th street) you can receive a receipt back for tax returns. We understand this a very stressful time for everyone in our community, but if you are able to donate, every small act will positively impact our city and rural area, giving a meal to a struggling family.
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