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Vincent Massey Scholarships

2018-2019 Vincent Massey Scholarships

2019 VM Scholarship Criteria.pdf

2019 VM Scholarship Instructions_Checklist (1).pdf

  • The Vincent Massey Scholarship Application has been added to your Xello acccount as an assignment (same as the Brandon School Division scholarships were) 
  • Log into your Xello account - usernames and passwords availalbe in the Career Centre - get yours early and make sure it works!
  • Upload the required files to your account and click s
  • All applications must be uploaded to your Xello account before 11:59 pm on Friday June 14, 2019.  If uploaded after this, the time stamp will show that it was updated June 15 and it will not be accepted. You will receive confirmation that your application has been received within 48 hours in your Xello Account. . Please check your account to be sure we have received your completed application.
  • Applications must be complete before you click SUBMIT.  You cannot add files after you have submitted.
  • Computers and assistance are available in the Career Centre if you need.

How to save your files for Vincent Massey Scholarship application


All documents MUST be submitted as pdfs otherwise they will not be processed. File names MUST be as indicated below. Applications must include:

1.) Application form/checklist

Save file as: yourlastnamefirstinitial_checklist.pdf

2.) Resume

Save file as: yourlastnamefirstinitial_resume.pdf

3.) A letter from you including an explanation of your post-secondary plans, your community and school activities, your volunteer involvement. 

Within this one letter please write one short paragraph for each scholarship you are applying for and what makes you a qualified candidate. You require only one letter for ALL scholarships you are applying for.

Save file as: yourlastnamefirstinitial_personalletter.pdf

4.) A letter of reference to support your application. This letter may be from a friend, teacher, employer or community member. You require only one letter of reference for ALL scholarships you are applying for.

Save file as: yourlastnamefirstinitial_reference.pdf 

 Scholarship Reume.png

Scholarship Personal Letter.png


Vincent Massey staff and students would like to express their gratitude for the following donations made for the graduates of 2019

Ben Weibe Construction - Student Council Outstanding Leader Award

Brockie Donovan Enrichment Scholarship

Chown Centennial Scholarship – U of M

Cando Spirit High School Scholarship

Dance Images Scholarship

David J. "Doc" Penner Memorial

Governor General's Bronze Medal Award, sponsored by BDO

Heritage Co-op 1997, Ltd.

J & G Drafting Scholarship

Kinette Club of Brandon

Kinsmen Club of Brandon

Ladies Auxiliary to the Royal Canadian Legion, Brandon Branch No. 3

Leech Family Graphics Scholarship

Lifetouch Canada Inc. Scholarship

Matt Calvert Male and Female Hard –Working Athlete Awards

Micheal Adamski Memorial Principal Leadership Award

McMunn and Yates

Meighen Haddad

MLA Brandon West, Reg Helwer Leadership

Progressive Sanitation Business Award 

Source for Sports Female and Male Athlete of the Year

Sysco Foods and Nutrition Scholarship

The Westman Communities Foundation Exceptional Achievement Citation and Bursary Award

Vincent Massey Faculty Recognition

Vincent Massey Football Award

Vincent Massey Music Award

Vincent Massey Yearbook Award

Western Manitoba Seniors Cooperative Housing LTD.

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