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Milestones Wellness Fair -...
Milestones Wellness Fair -...
Preparation of the...
Preparation of the...
Enjoy Spring Break!
Enjoy Spring Break!


  • To provide a safe environment for learning and teaching
    To provide programs and services which facilitate the development of students as healthy contributing members of society
    To facilitate ongoing communications amongst students, parents and community


  • To be a child-centered educational facility built on community partnerships, effective leadership and ex-emplary practices to meet the academic, social, physi-cal and emotional needs of each child. 


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Check out "All I Can Do" by three IB Visual Arts students from Neelin @TheAGSM March 23 to April 22 #bdnmb #westman #BrandonManitoba

Join us at King George School tonight for some amazing Cultural Performances! Doors Open at 6 pm #bdnmb #westman…