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Little Free Library

​J.R. Reid Students celebrate the opening of their Little Free Library!

The following article is taken from the Brandon Sun. Published: Thursday, Sept. 20th.

Students open Little Free Library


In hopes of encouraging community members to pick up a book, J.R. Reid School students opened their newly- built Little Free Library on Wednesday.

“Access to books is really important if we want kids to be reading,” J.R. Reid teacher- librarian Cathie Hollier said. “We thought it would be a great way to showcase that reading is important in the community and make it a little more visible.”

A group of Grade 1 and 2 students first approached Hollier in May asking if it was possible to build a Little Free Library for the school.

Hollier said she inspired the kids to pursue constructing a Little Free Library after encountering the idea online while working on her master’s degree. She said the idea is more popular in the United States, but is growing in Canada.

Hollier and fellow teacher Cori Biech got to work right away assembling donations to begin construction of the library, she said.

With a donation of supplies from Home Hardware and Hollier’s husband constructing the library, the idea soon came to fruition, she said.

On Wednesday, the J.R. Reid School Little Free Library was unveiled to the world.

“My hope is that it gets used,” Hollier said.

The library works is based on the honour system, Hollier said. People are able to visit the library and take books that interest them, and return or replace them with new books.

The library is already full of books donated from staff, parents and students excited to see the library debut in the community, Hollier said.

She said that some people have raised concerns that the library could be vandalized, but said she was not concerned because two other existing outdoor library boxes in the community have been left untouched.

The Little Free Library can be found in front of J.R. Reid School.

A giant red book on the roof of the library makes it hard to miss, Hollier said.

As part of the Little Free Library network, it can also be found online at littlefreelibrary. org. “Our hope it that it will be used by community members as well, not just our school population,” Hollier said. » » Twitter: The_ChelseaKemp

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