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Day of Pink

​On April 11th and 12th we had a fun-filled two days for Day of Pink. As a kickoff, we had an assembly, featuring a group of students dancing to demonstrate School community. Two grade 6 girls choreographed the dance. Other activities thoughtout the two days included a Pink Bake sale, pink nail polish painting, 'together, we are strong' mural where every student and staff in the school made a paper person resembling themselves taking a stand against bullying. The middle years students made a 'Raise you hand, Take a stand , Stop Bullying' mural of their handprints. A gigantic pink paper t-shirt was passed around to the classrooms where they added their thoughts on how to stop bullying. Our 2 days ended with a game of Net ball, the Staff VS the Day of Pink committee and the St. Augustine leadership team. The gym was filled with excited students cheering for everyone playing!