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Library / Bibliothèque

Did you know that you can search the database in our library from books.jpg

any computer with Internet access, including your home computer? Simply click on the "Library" tab on the Neelin website home page and click on the "Search our Library" link below: 

Search Our Library


Library Hours

8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


The library is an area designed for reading, studying, or classwork.
It is important to:
  • keep noise to a minimum
  • students who are loud or disruptive will be asked to leave
  • computers are meant for research or working on assignments - no games
  • do not print what you do not need
  • no food or drink is allowed in the library


Computer Use Policy

The library contains nine computers that are used for assignment purposes only.  Students must complete an Acceptable Use Policy Form in order to gain Internet access privileges. Playing computer games, using chat rooms, using email programs such as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc., downloading programs or accessing any inappropriate sites on school computers is strictly prohibited. Students who ignore these expectations will lose their computer privileges.


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