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Scholarships & Bursaries

             Attention  2020 Grads
Please continue to follow up with all Scholarship and Bursary  information and opportunities that are forwarded to you via email from Mr. Beals.
     Check back for scholarship information.

University Scholarships 

Please note that some universities and colleges are open to registration as early as October 1.  In some cases, Entrance Scholarships require a completed and submitted application for admission, and some carry a deadline of December 1. Please ensure you check with the post-secondary institutions that you are planning to apply for to determine their deadlines. 

Scholarship Options

There are many different types of scholarships. Some scholarships are given based on academic achievement, while others inlcude criteria such as community involvement, volunteer work, and/or extra-curricular activities. Bursaries are awards given to students based on financial need, as well as other possible criteria. Awards will generally require an application form to be completed. Some awards will require a resume and/or cover letter, and possibly reference letters as well. Answering an essay question may also be required to apply to win a scholarship.
Get started now!
  • Create a resume for yourself, including a detailed list of your volunteer and extra-curricular involvement.
  • Ask a teacher or supervisor to write a reference letter for you.
  • Check the bulletin board and this webpage often!
  • Visit post-secondary institutions' websites that you are interested in for scholarships and bursaries they offer.
  • Begin researching scholarship websites: - Indspire Scholarships - National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation - information about the Loran Awards and the Garfield Weston Awards
Student Aid Assistance & Planning

Answers for parents

Manitoba Student Aid

Canada Student Loan Overview

Parental Contribution Calculator
Student Financial Assistance Estimator
Loan Repayment Estimator 

Government of Canada website including information about post-secondary education planning, financing, budgeting, etc.

2020 Red River Exhibition Foundation Inc.
-various deadlines and various scholarships offered.

Business Council of Manitoba Aboriginal Education Awards
-Aboriginal ancestry, combined criteria of personal achievement, academic standing and financial need
Complete and submit application to the financial services office at the post secondary institution you will be attending
-application online at 
Manitoba Jurisdictional Educational Bursary
-$1000.00 bursary.  Official transcript, letter indicating financial need, list of participation, letters of reference.
Deadline April 15/2020.  Please see Mrs. Kaminsky in the Career Centre for application info.
The Catholic Women's League of Canada-St. Augustine of Canterbury Council
-member of St. Augustine of Canterbury Parish, Brandon or other missions served by St. Augustine's Parish, 2 leters of reference, proof of registration at post secondary institution and an esay. Please contact Mrs. Kaminsky at the Career Centre or recent emails forwarded from Mr. Beals. -Value $500.00
-Deadline May 15/2020.
Scholarship Selection Committee    c/o Education and Health Chairperson
St.Augustine of Canterbury Council
327 4th St. Brandon, MB  R7A 3H7