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Student Services

Vincent Massey has a rich support system for students.  The Student Services office provides / facilitates many options for students seeking advice, information, guidance and support.

On this page you will find the following information:

    1. Counselling Services
    2. Resource Services
    3. Vincent Massey Social Worker
    4. Referals to Specialized Support
    5. Accessibility at Massey
    6. Teen Clinic
    7. Stress & Wellness Resource 
    8. Community Resources 



Counsellors provide services for students, parents, and teachers. Students wishing to see a counsellor or resource teacher are encouraged to arrange appointments directly or to leave a message in the Student Services office. Appointments can be arranged during spares, over the lunch hour, or prior to or immediately after regular school hours.
If a student's needs are urgent, he/she can also request an appointment during class time.

Crystal Klassen (Grades 9-10)         729-3199

Erin Kowal  (Grades 11-12)                729-3179

Personal: home, school, peer relationships, physical, mental, emotional social concerns.

Academic: planning high school programs, assisting with academic difficulties, study strategies.

Career/Post-Secondary: information and planning.

Academic Registration and Records: registration, course changes, transcripts,  attendance tracking, demographics.

Referrals: referral to outside services for continued support of student's physical, mental and emotional health.

Student Services Brochure 18-19.pdf



Our school has four resource teachers who work closely with the entire school staff in providing leadership and guidance in providing program supports for students. Their role is to serve both students and teachers by assisting in the identification and delivery of the most appropriate academic program for students.

Dean Scheepmaker (Grades 9-10)         729-3178

Ian Benson (Grades 11-12)                     729-0327

Julie Gurke  (Tier 3)                                   729-0359

Aga Desjardins (EAL)                                729-3961

Ingrid Gross (CIC/AP Coordinator)        729-0344

Responsible for the development of a comprehensive delivery system to meet the needs of all the students in an environment that facilitates positive academic growth and social acceptance.

Consultation: discuss and share information regarding students with concerned professionals, parent/guardians, school staff.

Collaboration: team with other professionals to assist teachers with program adaptations and / or modifications as well as develop accommodation plans and individual education plans.

Direct Service: provide educational diagnosis and remedial strategies.

Coordinating Special Services (within the school)

  • Assessment of students
  • Communication with counsellors, teachers, administrators, and educational assistants
  • Assist with planning, developing,  monitoring, evaluating programs
  • Meet with clinicians, make recommendations regarding student programming

Coordinating and Consulting (outside of the school)
  • Child & Adolescent Treatment Centre (CATC)
  • Probation Services
  • Child & Family Services (CFS)
  • Career & Employment Youth Services (CEYS)
  • Career Connections
  • Police
  • Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council Family Services (DOTCFS)
  • First Nations Education Authorities
  • Brandon School Division Clinical Services
  • Addictions Foundation of Manitoba (AFM)
  • Volunteer Services
  • Brandon Regional Health



Vincent Massey Social Worker

 Jenna Packwood                                729-0339


Referral by Student Services

School Psychologist

Barb Jones                                           729-0305

Assessment and treatment of students with educational, emotional, and behavioral difficulties.

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba Counsellor
Jennifer Neely                        729-3198
Assessment and rehabilitation planning with students experiencing problems from their own use of drugs, alcohol or gambling, or from someone else's use.




There are two universal washrooms available at Vincent Massey: by Room 10 and by the Career Centre (Room 47). These are single stall, locking washroom spaces available for everyone to use.



Teen Clinic 2018-2019 in the Career Centre

Clinic time 11:30 - 1:30

What is the Teen Health Clinic?
Teen Clinic 2019-20.pdf

  • A safe, confident, non-judgemental place for youth to deal with all their health care needs.
  • Walk-ins welcome, no appointment necessary

Who Works at the Teen Health Clinic?
  • Public Health Nurses
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Community Mental Health Workers
  • Addictions Foundation Workers
  • Physicians

Why Should I Go to a Teen Health Clinic?
  • Mental health screening and resource connection
  • Sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing
  • Birth control counselling
  • Prescription for birth control and STI treatment
  • FREE condoms
  • Education and advocacy for healthy lifestyle choices
  • Nutritional counselling
  • Addiction assessment and resource connection
  • Immunizations






Stress & Wellness Resources  









More information about YOUTH MENTAL WELLNESS during COVID-19




Recently, members from Student Services team gave presentations to students in math classes around stress and wellness. These presentations focused on defining stress, its effects, and some simple strategies to help student manage stress.  The following video was shown to students as an introduction to stress management strategies:


As a follow-up, there is additional information available to students available on the bulletin board outside of Student Services and on the website. 


For students who would like to learn more about stress management strategies, there are two Lunch & Learn events planned for December.  Students can sign up in Student Services.

Stress Management Lunch_Learn (Dec 4, 2018).pdf

Yoga Mindfulness Lunch_Learn (Dec 18, 2018).pdf

Stress Management Tips.pdf (

Coping Skills Anxiety.pdf (

Calm Breathing.pdf (Anxiety BC

Effects of Stress on Adolescents (Yale Stress Centre).pdf


Community Resources



Westman Crisis Services

  • Mobile Crisis Unit – 204-725-4411 OR 1-888-379-7699
  • Crisis Stabilization Unit – 204-727-2555

Child & Adolescent Treatment Centre – 1-866-403-5459 OR 204-578-2700

Manitoba Suicide Line – 1-877-435-7170

Brandon City Police – 204-729-2345

RCMP – 204-726-7500

Child & Family Services Emergency – 204-726-6030

Kids Help Phone – 1-800-668-6868 OR download their "ALWAYS THERE" app

YWCA Women's Shelter for Abused Women – 204-727-3644 OR 1-877-977-0007

Sexual Assault Line – 1-888-292-7565

Manitoba Farm & Rural Stress Line – 1-866-367-3276


Public Health Services – 204-578-2500
  • Prairie Mountain Health


John Howard Society – 204-727-1696
  • Anger Management & Domestic Violence Programming

Westman Mediation Services – 204-727-1696
  • Restorative Justice

Gambling Help Line – 1-800-463-1554

Addictions Foundation of Manitoba

Youth Addictions Intake – 1-877-710-3999

Adult Addictions Intake – 1-855-662-6605

AL-ANON – 204-571-3684

Health Links/Info Santé – 1-888-315-9257

Sexuality Education Resource Centre (SERC) – 204-727-0417

Westwind Eating Disorder Recovery Centre – 204-728-2499

AIDS/STD Line – 1-800-782-2437

Anxiety Disorders Association – 204-725-8550

Mood Disorders Association – 204-761-3176

Suicide Bereavement Group – 204-571-4183












Check out BRANDON for more resources:


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