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Vincent Massey Graduation

​​​​​​​Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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Voting for valedictorian, banquet toasts, banquet emcees

April 19 – 29
Brandon School Division Scholarship applications
Due: April 25

Grad Info Form

Due: April 29

‘Our Journey’ Honouring Indigenous Student Success


Grad Pow Wow including students from Brandon high schools, BU, and ACC
May 23​

9:00 am Pipe Ceremony


10:00 am Registration


11:00 am Grand Entry


5:00 pm Feast

Keystone Centre Grounds

Banquet slideshow photos

Due: May 31Email to



In April, each graduating student will need to complete a quick and easy online form to confirm three important pieces of information for the convocation ceremony.

1.       Legal name (we really, really want to make sure that your diploma is printed correctly for you!)

2.       Student Recognition  (we want to make sure you receive the recognition you earned, so we’re going to let you confirm your participation in each category so that there aren’t any disappointments)

3.       Convocation statement (see below)


A personal ‘convocation statement’ will be read during the convocation ceremony as each grad receives their diploma. The statement might include plans for the (immediate and/or distant) future. It might also include (brief) special thanks to people who have been supportive. Convocation statements can be a bit weird to write, so we’ve given you some directions and suggestions in the online form.  You can choose to A) write your own statement in your own style,  B) ‘click and create’ a statement with our pre-written options, or C) have a very simple, one-line default statement.


The link below will take you to the form.  You’ll need to log in to your Brandon School Division account once you click on the link.  Your user name will be (where ##### is your student number), and your password will be your regular password that you use to log in to a school computer.  The deadline for completing the form is Monday, April 29.


If you would like to have a paper copy of the form, please see Ms. Yang in the Career Centre in Room 47 (she’s available in periods 1, 2, 4, 5 and at noon).  You can contact her at if you have any questions or concerns.  The library will be available on April 29 from 12:00 – 1:30 for any students who need last minute support.



June 26, 2019: 

Vincent Massey High School Grad

1:30 pm - Convocation at Westman Place, Keystone Centre 
  • Cap and gown, diplomas and awards, valedictorian
  • Grads asked to arrive at 12:45
  • Free admission, unlimited guests
  • Convocation will conclude around 4:00

6:30 pm - Banquet at Manitoba Room, Keystone Centre
  • Meal, slide show, toast to grads, grand march
  • Doors open at 6:00
  • $55 ticket (10 and under: $22.50), unlimited guests
  • Banquet will conclude around 9:00 pm

11:00 pm - SafeGrad at Curling Club, Keystone Centre



  • The grad banquet is a fun, completely optional, event.
  • It includes a buffet-style meal, fancy decorations, an ongoing slideshow, a short program (toasts), and grand march (participation optional). 
  • Often, grads and guests choose to dress up – but there is no fancy dress code.
  • Some grads will arrive with groups of guests, and some grads come on their own and sit with friends. 
  • We try to make a celebratory event that’s accessible for everyone.  If you have any questions about the event, please don’t hesitate to contact


On sale online in early June. 


SafeGrad Chair:  Natalie Beaudet ( 


  • Honour Roll will be posted, in Student Services and in Room 3, by Monday, June 24.
  • Honour Roll grads are asked to arrive at the MNP Hall (formerly named: the Convention Hall, it's across from Ticket Master) in the Keystone Centre at 12:30 on Wednesday, June 26.  Honour Roll grads will receive a gold stole to wear over their gown, and they will have a group photo taken.
  • All grads are asked to meet at MNP Hall (across from Ticket Master) in the Keystone Centre at 12:45 on Wednesday, June 26.  Bring your cap and gown.
  • There will be no place to securely store any belongings during the convocation ceremony; please leave any valuables (cell phones, purses, etc.) with one of your guests. 
  • There will be people available to help you get your fancy grad cap on securely.
  • It's up to you what you wear under your gown – but do wear something!  Reminder to students with surnames in the last part of the alphabet: you'll be in the front row.
  • At the Keystone Centre, grads will receive an index card with their name and their number (in alphabetical order). Grads are responsible for holding onto that card until it is their turn to receive their diploma (when they will give that card to the teacher near the podium). Grads will sit in the chair that has the same number as their index card.
  • Remember to pause – just for a second – when you receive a diploma and shake Mr. Ridgen's hand.  Mr. Danino will be taking your photo (which will be emailed to you – probably a few days after grad).
  • If there is a coloured dot on you index card, you will be receiving an award.  After receiving your diploma, you'll pause near the second podium for your award.
  • After the convocation ceremony, return to the Convention Hall to exchange your gown for your $20 deposit.  You get to keep your cap and tassel!


Vincent Massey has two grad gowns (and caps) that can be borrowed any time during the year for personal photos. Contact Erin Kowal at



Jostens brochures are available in Student Services

Contact = Rob Ferrand
Office: 1-844-750-9050
Cell/Text: 1-204-793-2790


Grad Coordinator: Erin Kowal

Student Services (transcripts, credits, honour roll)
Phone: 204-729-3960

If you would like to receive grad information and updates by email, please send your email address(es) to




The average for Grad Honour Roll is calculated using six courses.  These six courses must include your compulsory grade 12 English and your compulsory grade 12 Math.  Then, we include four other 'elective' courses at grade 12 level (courses at grade 12 level are coded with a 4, ie: 40S, 40G, 42S, 41G)

PE 40F does not have a percentage grade; it cannot count toward Grad Honour Roll.

It does not matter what year you completed your courses.  For example, if you completed Law 40S in your grade 11 year, it can still count toward Grad Honour Roll.

If you have taken two compulsory Math credits (ie: Pre-Cal 40S and Applied 40S), we will use your better mark as your compulsory Math mark in calculating the average. 

If you have taken two compulsory Math credits, one Math mark will be used as your compulsory math mark and the second Math mark could be used as one of your four elective credits.

If you have taken more than four courses at grade 12 level, we will use the four courses in which you earned the highest marks.

AP courses definitely count as 'grade 12 level' elective courses.

If you have taken two similar courses (ie: Psychology 40S and AP Psychology 42S), both courses can count toward your Honour Roll Average.

If you do not have a minimum of four 'elective' courses at grade 12 level, you will not be eligible for Grad Honour Roll.  Even if all the rest of your marks are super awesome.

It is an average.  This means that it is not required that each course be greater than or equal to 85%.  The six courses just need to average to 85% (or higher).


Transcript Request form - website version with form fields.pdf

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