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Lunch Program

***If your child will be absent from the lunch program, we ask you to contact the Lunchroom Supervisor, Sherri Strutt at
(431) 541-4330.***

Green Acres School has a Parent Run Lunch Program available for our students.  They do charge a fee which can be paid monthly, twice per year or a one time full year payment.  When packing your child's lunch, please remember the school's "Allergy Alert"  asking to not send food items that contain raw egg, mayonaise, nuts, fish or shellfish.

Our committe meets once a month and welcomes all parents to attend these meetings.  Our meetings are announced in the schools monthly newsletter.

Registration Forms for the lunch program can be found in the document below.

19 20 Reg Form GALP.pdf

A reminder for lunch warm ups sent to the school for your childs lunch is below.

Warm Up Reminder.pdf

Please pack your child utensils for their lunches as the Green Acres Lunch Program has gone Green!

We do offer hot lunches to our students at a minimal fee and are optional.   These hot lunches are served on Wednesday's only and examples of hot lunches offered are hot dogs, pizza etc. Hot lunch order forms are sent home monthly and we ask that all order forms are sent back by the due date.  If your child is going to be absent on hot lunch day and they have placed an order, please contact the Lunch Supervisor to make arrangements of the hot lunch ex: pick up or bagged for the next day. 

Green Acres Lunch Program Committe Members are listed below:

Coordinator - Kristina Vander Meer (204) 570-2595

Vice Coordinator - Belinda Griffith (204) 570-0959

Treasurer - Shawna Ducharme (204) 761-9351

Secretary - Desirae Down (204) 720-6467