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The Photography Program provides students with the opportunity to explore the exciting world of traditional and digital photography. Some career opportunities available to photography graduates include portrait/wedding, commercial/industrial, forensic, as well as photojournalism (news and sports), fine art, medical and aerial photography.

The first course in this program is Exploration of Photography (PGA10S).  This course introduces students to the basic skills needed for the successful completion of the program.  Some skills students will learn include:

  •   Proper usage of a 35 mm film camera
  •   Black and white film development
  •   Black and white print development  
  •   Basic design skill development required to make a good photograph.


Students continuing in this program at the grade 10, 11 and 12 levels will have the opportunity to further develop their skills in: 

  •    Creative use of toners
  •    Hand tinting photographs using photo oils
  •    Correct use of digital cameras
  •    Manipulating photographs using photo editing software
  •    Shooting and editing digital video
  •    Promotional photographic web site development