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The Health Care Aide program is a Grade 12 program designed to provide students with theory and practical training. Students will acquire the basic knowledge and skills required to assist in caring for patients of all ages in hospitals, personal care homes, private care facilities, mental health settings, and home care.  The decision to enroll in this program should not be taken lightly as students will need to display a high level of work ethic, responsibility and dedication.  This program allows students the benefit of completing their high school graduation and the Assiniboine Community College Health Care Aide Certificate by completing joint secondary and post-secondary credits simultaneously.  There are eleven ACC courses incorporated in these six high school credits, two of these are work practicums in the community.

*All compulsory credits must be completed before second semester of the students Grade 12 year.

The program consists of 5 credits offered all day second semester and the mandatory Health and Safety course offered during the first semester.  It is available to registered Grade 12 students under the age of 21.  Further information is available at Student Services at Crocus Plains. *Required clothing for second semester: uniform, white duty shoes, watch with second hand. There will also be additional costs for immunizations, Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check. The Brandon School Division will reimburse students for the cost of the checks.