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The Hairstyling program provides students with the theory and practical study of all aspects of hairstyling for men and women.  This accredited program follows Apprenticeship Manitoba guidelines and will offer prospective apprentices the opportunity to gain basic trade knowledge and skill.  The Hairstyling program may feature a Work Practicum placement in a local salon and will provide students with on-the job experience.  Students must successfully complete Grade 12 with a minimum average of 70% or higher in both theory and practical segments.  With the completion of 1400 hours, they will complete a practical exam administered by the Apprenticeship Board.  After passing the exam with a 70% or higher, the students may go on to complete their second year of apprenticeship hours in a salon and write their final theory exam.  With a 70% or higher, they will receive their Red Seal Certification with the opportunity to become very successful in the Hairstyling industry.


The Hairstyling program will appeal to students who have creative abilities and can visualize the end result.  They must enjoy interacting with people and have strong problem-solving skills.  If you have good dexterity and like to work creatively with your hands, this program will allow you endless opportunities as a hairstylist.


The first year course in this program is Introduction to Basic Hairstyling (HSA20S).  This course introduces students to the basic skills needed for the successful completion of this program.  Students will explore:

  • Professionalism & Communication
  • Safe Work Habits and Decontamination
  • Braids
  • Basic Hairstyling/Blow-Drying, Curling Irons, Roller-Sets
  • Shampooing
  • Up-do's


Students continuing in this program will further explore:

  • Advanced Hairstyling Techniques
  • Haircutting
  • Chemical Texture Services
  • Hair Coloring
  • Salon Management & Employability Skills