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The Electronic Sciences and Technology program provides students with the opportunity to learn about the field of electronics. The career opportunities for graduates of our electronics program include: repair and support for the personal computer industry, provide advanced cross knowledge for many of the trade areas, and our students always have an advantage when they enter the Technology and Engineering programs post-secondary.

The program will appeal to the inquisitive mind. If you take things apart just to ask why they work or you enjoy the challenge of building projects to solve problems, you will enjoy the program. Electronics level 4 courses may be used towards post secondary entry requirements.

The first year course in this program is Exploration of Electronics Technology 10S (EXA10S). This course is a great introduction to the basic skills needed in the industry and offers lots of hands-on work. During this intro course, students will explore:                               

  •    components
  •    soldering
  •    volt-Ohm-milliammeter training
  •    project construction


Students that continue in the program in grade 10, 11, and 12 will leave with the standard college level requirements for AC, DC, Analog and Digital courses.  You will also get a great introduction to:

  •    Microcontrollers - design and programming
  •    Robotics - hobby level intro
  •    PC repair - A+ certification based training
  •    Electrical Life Skills - general electrical skills required for the homeowner