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The Design Drafting program will appeal to both highly creative and artistic students (Architecture, Interior Design) as well as the students who excel at mathematics and the sciences (Engineering, Related Drafting Technologies).  Working with industry standard computer software students learn the language of Design Drafting and tackle a variety of realistic design problems. 

The first course in this program is Introduction to Drafting 10S (DEA10S). This course provides students with opportunity to explore careers in Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design and all the related Drafting Technologies.  During this course, students will explore:

  • Drawing layouts
  • Lettering practises
  • Line conventions
  • Orthographic projections
  • Model building
  • Computer assisted design and drafting  (CADD) skills


 Students continuing in this program in Grade 10, 11 and 12 will have the opportunity to further develop their skill in:

  • The Principles and Elements of Architectural and Engineering Design
  • Preparing Architectural working drawings
  • Preparing Engineering manufacturing drawings
  • Creating physical models
  • Preparing submissions for a variety of provincial, national and international competitions
  • Working with clients on real world projects
  • Creating photo realistic Rendering and  Animation