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The Carpentry Program provides students with the opportunity to learn the principles and concepts of residential construction.  Graduates of this program may find career opportunities specializing in any discipline within the trade, such as: concrete specialist, residential framer, interior finish specialist, as well as journeyman carpenter, lead hand, or superintendent. 

This program will appeal to students who enjoy working with their hands, physical work both inside and outside, have good math skills, strong work ethic and some creativity. Upon completion of this program, students may choose to enter the construction industry or further their education at the post secondary or apprenticeship level.  Students entering post secondary may enjoy credit towards their program.

The first course in this program is Introduction to Carpentry (CSA10S), students will explore:

  •    shop safety
  •    proper use and techniques of hand tools
  •    wood science
  •    introduction to power tools
  •    projects that they will be able to take home 


 Students continuing in this program at the grade 10, 11 and 12 levels will have the opportunity to further develop their skills in: 

  •   blueprint reading and surveying
  •   power tools (portable and stationary)
  •   wood frame construction
  •   millwork
  •   roof framing