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High School Apprenticeship Program

What is HSAP?

It is a program that allows High School students to begin an apprenticeship by working in a trade of their choice, while earning high school credits and accumulating hours toward their level one apprenticeship.  Students are able to:

¨ Apprentice in one of the 55 plus recognized Manitoba Trades (see Apprenticeship Manitoba Website).

¨ Earn up to eight Grade 12 academic credits towards graduation based on 110 working hours per credit.

¨ Learn a lifelong skill while still in high school.

¨ Apply the on-the-job training after high school graduation.

¨ Receive practical, paid work experience.

¨ Receive at  least 10% above minimum wage.


What is required to Participate?

The student must be employed with a qualified, insured employer who will agree to train him/her as an apprentice.

Student must be a minimum of 16 years of age.

Student must be enrolled in an approved Manitoba Grade 10, 11, or 12 high school program.


Student Responsibilities

Find a qualified, insured employer in the apprenticeship trade areas who will agree to train you as an apprentice.

Meet with the school guidance counsellor and HSAP contact to review and explore the potential of submitting an HSAP application.  If all the criteria are met then work with the team to complete all aspects of the HSAP application.

Submit the required Apprenticeship Application Agreement and the $50 registration fee to the school contact (cheques to Minister of Finance).

Once your application is approved:

Be a responsible employee and maintain your job.

Log and report all working hours to the school contact.

Inform Apprenticeship Manitoba and school contact regarding any changes related to employer and/or personal address/phone number.



The employer, high school contact, divisional contact, Apprenticeship Training Coordinator and parent/guardian play an important role in the success of the student's HSAP experience.  Progress, attendance, and work experience are monitored evaluated and credited accordingly. 

For more information contact your school's guidance counsellor or the division Career Education Coordinator Erin Mills,