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8:15 AM to 4:15 PM every week day, and sometimes even longer. 


  • collaborative planning and instruction with classroom teachers
  • help with doing research, completing homework, and studying
  • access to our book collection by on-line catalog
  • supervised access to the Internet
  • Internet access to digital databases and encyclopedias and other digital resources
  • provision of a safe, orderly, mostly-quiet learning environment



We will lend almost anything in the collection, provided the borrower has a valid school ID card.
  • Fiction titles and books from the non-fiction shelves are loaned for four weeks at a time.
  • Books from the reference section are loaned for 1 class at a time and overnight. Longer loans are possible if a need can be demonstrated.
  • Damaged materials: If the item can be repaired, the borrower will pay a $10.00 restoration fee.  If the item cannot be repaired, the borrower will pay full replacement cost.
  • Lost materials: The borrower will pay full replacement cost.
For information about school library programs, please visit these sites:



  • Mrs. Adamski, library technician
  • Mrs. Chambers, teacher-librarian