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English Language Arts


The English Language Arts Department provides our students with engaging and stimulating learning experiences as they work towards assisting our students in meeting the learning outcomes as outlined within Manitoba Education's approved curriculums.    

Graduation from the Province of Manitoba requires a completed English Language Arts credit at each grade level.

The Grade 9 English Language Arts course is a full year, single credit course.  The Grades 10, 11, and 12 English Language Arts courses are all single semester, single credit courses.   Students completing their compulsory Grade 12 English Language Arts credit will write a Provincial English Language Arts Standards Test which counts for 30% of the final grade of that credit course.      

Students are encouraged to complete their English Language Arts studies within a regular classroom program, but alternative credit delivery settings are available to students through our Self Directed Learning Program, our English as an Additional Language Program, and our Crocus Continuing Education Program.  Registration into an alternative credit delivery model is planned in consultation with our Student Services team.

Students wanting a greater opportunity for intellectual challenge and an opportunity to experience post secondary studies while in a high school setting can register for our Advanced Placement Program - English Language Arts stream.  Successful completion on the Grade 12 AP® examination may allow students to receive advanced credit or standing at numerous universities and colleges across Canada and the United States.

More detailed descriptions of the English Language Arts credits are available by reviewing our Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School's Course Guide, visiting our Student Services Department, or contacting any member of the English Language Arts Department.






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