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Christina the Crazy Hooper

Day of Pink - Alexander School

The day started with a exciting and motivating presentation from Christina The Crazy Hooper, that performed for Alexander School Students and Staff and also had some of the students and staff come participate. Christina talked with the students during the presentation and shared an important message throughout focusing on that it's okay to follow your dreams and believe in yourself.

After this presentation members from Youth Revolution presented on why we celebrate Day of Pink and the history of its beginnings with information on the co-founders Travis Price and David Shepherd, that started this day all the way from Nova Scotia in 2007. This year marking the 10 year celebration of their passion and vision. The presentation focused on a positive approach and using words such as acceptance and inclusion instead of always using the word BULLY.

 After this presentation, throughout the day, trained youth facilitators from the Beyond the Hurt Program through the Red Cross (members from our Youth Revolution) visited all classes and presented on healthy relationships and the ways to get help if you are experiencing bullying and what we can all do to help as a community so it stops! At this presentation all students signed the pink paper shirt and it is now on display in our Youth Revolution showcase cabinet. Youth Revolution also gave all students and staff a pink balloon with a ribbon and compliment tied to it to promote inclusion and celebrate our community of support.

At the break and also at lunch, Youth Revolution members sold pink baking, candy, ice cream sandwiches, and cream soda to celebrate the day. Our Youth Revolution has teamed up with Vincent Massey High School Youth Revolution to support their fundraising efforts to buy a piece of equipment for the NICU (Baby) Unit at the Brandon Hospital so all proceeds will go to this project.

Thank you Alexander Community for your support to this awesome event especially parents, staff, and students!

 Day of Pink