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How Can You Contribute?

Contributions may be made through: 

  • Outright Gift - Many people give cash, securities, gifts-in-kind as donations.
  • Memorial Gift - Many people choose to make a gift in memory of a loved one, colleague, or friend.
  • Corporate Donation - A business may donate either cash or gifts-in-kind.
  • Bequest - A person may choose through their will to leave a gift to the Friends of Education Fund.
  • Life Insurance - The Friends of Education Fund can be made the beneficiary of a life insurance policy.


Can I Specify the Purpose of my Donation?

Yes, but specified donations must be approved by the Fund Committee. Donations may not be designated to a particular student.

Will I Get a Receipt?

Yes, you may. All contributions of $20 or more are eligible for a receipt. For donations of a gift-in-kind, the charitable receipt will be issued based on an independent appraisal of the fair market value provided by the donor. If applicable, it is recommended that a donor consult a tax advisor and/or lawyer as to the method and time of transfer that is most beneficial to the donor.

100% of your donation goes toward education. Administrative costs associated with the fund are covered by Brandon School Division.

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