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Frequently Asked Questions


Q Are there forms to fill out?


Yes, typically there is a one or two page check list style assessment form. This is completed by the workplace supervisor or manager in consultation with the teacher.

Q What about Worker's Compensation coverage?


All students are registered with Manitoba Education Citizenship & Youth for Worker's Compensation coverage prior to the start of their community work placement. (with the exception of the Community Service (Volunteer) credit and the High School Apprenticeship Program.)

Q Are students paid by employers?


No, students are not to be paid for their work experience.  Again the only exceptions to this is the Community Service (Volunteer) option and the High School Apprenticeship Program where a student is paid by the employer and can receive up to a maxiimum of eight grade 12 credits.

Q Do you provide workplace safety and health related education in the high schools?



Yes. All grade 9's in the Brandon School Division receive a presentation on workplace safety and health as part of their "Take Our Kids To Work Day" preparation. A similar presentation is repeated for all grade 10 students -  either through the science or physical education curriculum, depending on the high school they attend. These presentations are delivered by the SAFE Workers of Tomorrow organization. Safety and health education is also an important component of the Technical Vocational programs within our division as well as many other courses, including Career Development.

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