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Why Every Child Matters At Neelin

October 1, 2020

To honour Orange Shirt Day, École secondaire Neelin High School planned many activities for the students to learn about this important day. They had a huge Indigenous Peoples Treaty territories map on their field, read stories out over the PA system and had a list on display of all the children that passed away or went missing from the Residential School. A special item to round out the activities the school planned, was having the Brandon Indian Residential School Mobile Learning Centre come to the school and set up their display of photos in the library. The display, which will be in the library until October 2, shows the history of the school in Brandon which opened in May 1895 and was in operation until June 1972. To walk through the library and look at the photos will leave a lasting impact as you learn the history and the importance of Orange Shirt Day and why every child matters.

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