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Crocus Plains RSS 2020 Graduation

June 26, 2020


Today was the day that the Class of 2020 from Crocus Plains has been waiting for, it was graduation day! While this wasn't your traditional graduation ceremony, you could see the heart and dedication the Crocus Plains staff members put into preparing and decorating the school for this special day. From the entrance where the graduates and their families walked in, to the exit they left through, the school was all decorated up, giving the graduates and their families, many options to take photos as they walked through the school one last time before closing the chapter on their high school career. With many Crocus staff members lining the hallways cheering, congratulating and directing the graduates and their families along, you could see they were doing their best to try and make the day a little more special.

Congratulations Crocus Plains Regional Secondary School Class of 2020. We wish you all the best as you begin your next journey!