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An Innovative Idea from Mrs. Kelly’s 5-6 Class . Kelly’s 5-6 Class

written by: Mrs. Cynthia Kelly
5/6 teacher, King George School

​I reached out to Chez Angela in December after my students completed an assignment on descriptive and persuasive writing. Students had to create a new type of donut and convince a bakery to choose theirs as flavour of the month. My Makers quickly dived into this project and came up with very unique and interesting ideas. The diagrams to go along with the writing were detailed and clearly labelled, and their writing was full of description, vivid sensory vocabulary, and engaging persuasion. I quickly realized we had to do something more with this project! I took their work to James Chambers, co-owner of Chez Angela, just wanting to share all their ideas and creativity. We were blown away when James contacted me with their response to our assignment.

As a staff, they read and looked at each student's ideas, and then narrowed them down to 3 donuts that as bakers, they could actually create. Then, they put the 3 out on social media for their followers to vote on the donut that they would like to see in the café. Once the votes were tabulated, the Chocolate Confetti Caramel donut was created, and sold every Saturday in February. To add to that, a portion of every Confetti Caramel donut sold was donated to our class to support our Makerspace, and STEAM learning. However, Chez Angela didn't stop there! We had James come to our classroom to explain the process that their staff go through when creating menu items. We are also receiving a complimentary field trip to the café and bakery to learn about bread-making, get a tour, and decorate cookies!

We are beyond thankful for Chez Angela's generosity and support. Thank you James, Angela, and the staff at Chez Angela for empowering our King George Crusaders! This has been an experience they will never forget.
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James Chambers from Chez Angela's presents Mrs. Kelly's 5/6 class their portion of proceeds from the sale of the Confetti Caramel donut.