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Governance Goals

At the Regular Meeting of the Brandon School Division Board of Trustees held January 26, 2015, the following motion was approved:

“That the 2014-2018 Board of Trustees Governance Goals be formalized and accepted as presented as per the Senior Administration report for January 26, 2015.”

The Brandon School Division Board of Trustees Governance Goals 2014-2018 developed at that planning session are as follows:

1)    Implement a multi-year budget strategy to plan for future sustainability; to achieve long-term goals.
2)    Subject to Provincial funding support attempt to limit special levy increases to the sum of inflationary pressures plus enrolment growth.

1)    Continue to lobby vigorously for a new school in South Brandon.
2)    Develop new and existing spaces to support current and future programming.

1)    Long-term tracking of individual student/group progress to inform Board's decision making on programming.
2)    Evaluate the effectiveness and success of programming for student engagement.
3)    Review current specialist staffing fragmentation to achieve a better comprehensive continuity approach.
4)    Focus on strengthening the connections between grades 7, 8, 9 and senior high programming to improve student engagement.
5)    Implement Grades 7 and 8 electives research report within given spaces; review and restructure electives.
6)    Enhance the development of cultural competency amongst students and staff.
7)    Research the implementation of year-round schooling.

Community Relations:
1)    Build relationships actively with existing and new stakeholder groups.